A car wash can be more than you expect

Let us show you how.

Our history

Established in 2007, Red Hill Car Wash has been an expression of technical knowledge and innovation. We were the first to invest in high volume water treatment to provide a Spot Free Rinse at high pressure as well as one of the first to offer in-bay credit card and mobile payment processing.

We believe in innovation. We believe in innovation that makes us more efficient, offers rewards and options, a faster process, and winning rewards while you’re at it. We believe in making things work better. To help the environment. To save money and time. To keep up with our commitments. To go the extra mile and ensure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

We believe in machines that work and don’t break down. We believe in 3 motor vacuums with 1.2 horsepower, 330 CFM that get the job done. We believe in using natural soft hog hair brushes instead of nylon so your car doesn’t get scratched. We believe in ergonomic gun handles so that your wrists don’t get hurt. We believe in using hoses that don’t mark your vehicle. We believe in using swivels at both ends of hoses that prevent coiling and tangling. We believe in using high quality products that don’t damage the environment. We believe in using soaps that have a low level of phosphates, sulphates, and mineral oil. We believe in softening our water so that you can use less chemicals and therefore less of it going in the environment.

We believe in systems, keeping things simple… simple to use and simple to make. We believe in using technology that allows you more ease, comfort, convenience, rewards, and joy.

We care about providing you an exceptional and ecologically friendly car wash experience. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals make the difference to deliver unmatched experience, consistency and reliability.

The result... the best car wash experience available in the greater Hamilton area.

Imagine a more consistent facility

JJ Woodley - Founder: Red Hill Car Wash

JJ Woodley founded Red Hill Car Wash with a simple goal, to offer an exceptional experience and wash every time. Harnessing his 6 years of experience as a service technician and equipment supplier, JJ set out to bring his vision to life. In 2007, the Red Hill Car Wash opened to the public at 200 Pritchard Road in Hamilton, Ontario.

JJ founded Tech1st Wash Systems Inc. in 2009 to bring custom mobile payment solutions to car wash locations throughout North America. Since it's initial release, Tech1st's offerings have grown to include a robust rewards program, which has reliably proven to increase customer engagement and retention.

The success of Red Hill Car Wash and Tech1st Wash Systems Inc. has allowed for rapid expansion. In 2016, JJ along with his wife Mélanie opened a self serve car wash location on Parkdale Avenue in Hamilton. They will be opening their 3rd site in Waterdown in the winter of 2021. It will offer an automatic tunnel car wash and self serve car wash.

Our values


Being customer focused. Going above and beyond to make sure our customers are cared for, are happy, and walk away with a memorable experience.


Offering the best functioning car wash equipment our customers have ever experienced. Taking pride in the work we do and proving excellence in our delivery.


Being solution-focused, generating ideas for improvement, and inventing new technology to create a better process. Showing creativity and thinking outside the box.


Keeping our word and meeting time commitments. Providing peace of mind to our customers and always aiming to do high quality work while assisting others.


Being honest with our customers and team members. Taking action with the best intentions, ensuring our promises are fulfilled, and guaranteeing people receive what they expected.


Being respectful towards others as well as ourselves. Creating a team of individuals who are polite and kind towards everyone, in any given situation.

Our mission

To create an exceptional experience.

Our vision

To be the most caring car wash facility, offering excellence in customer experience.

Exclusive Offer
Giving Back To Community Heros with our Gold Membership

Teachers, Hospital Workers, Police & Firefighters, we're thrilled to offer you exclusive pricing on our VIP Wash Club Gold Membership.

Exclusive Offer
+ Tax
 A Month

Visit reception at 82 Parkside Drive, Waterdown with your work ID to claim this exclusive offer.

Express Exterior Automatic Wash only available at our Parkside Drive (82 Parkside Drive, Waterdown) location. Pricing before tax. Conditions apply, review our Terms of Use policy for complete list of conditions.